9 picture collage of simple home modificationsOver the course of time, you may notice that some home environments actually hinder daily activities. That is because with time comes change, and whether your changes are temporary, gradual, permanent or sudden, you may find that stairs, tubs, and kitchens have become hard or impossible to use.

Regardless of how your changes occurred, they needn’t prevent you from remaining at home and engaging in activities you enjoy. How? Consider basic home modifications and assistive technology devices to facilitate living at home safely and longer.

If you are thinking about changing your home environment, or if you are ready to dive right in, paging through The AARP Home Fit Guide, may serve you well. This 21 page booklet covers; suggestions for good home design, how to assess your home for livability, provides home safety tips, and identifies professionals that can help you make changes to your existing home as needs change.

Remember, you can always use IPAT as a resource to help you remain at home. You can get ideas at our Home First Showroom in Fargo, or via our Home First app for i-devices. We can also do an onsite consultation at your home through our Home First Services. Look over this blog to refresh your memory on these IPAT services, and then call us with questions or to set up a consultation. Make this the year you plan and make the changes you need to stay home, stay safe, and stay engaged.

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