About six months ago we started taking dinner to my parents once a week. It’s been a great way to stay connected with them as they don’t get out as much as they used to. After a few weeks, I began to notice things I hadn’t before. One of the most glaring was my dad’s ability to handle his silverware. My dad, who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1976, struggled, in some way, to eat almost every meal we chose. He couldn’t keep soup on his spoon, he had a hard time cutting any meat, and he even had difficulty stabbing some foods like diced potatoes and carrots with his fork.

Being relatively new to the assistive technology community I wasn’t sure where to start, but I knew we had to have some way to help. I had become infatuated with the mind-blowing technology of Liftware. (If you haven’t seen it click here for a cool demonstration video.) It seems magical with its ability to remain level when the user’s hand is in almost any position. But that technology seemed a bit too much for Dad yet.

Utilizing ND Assistive’s short-term trial program (loans are now FREE by the way) we started with some silverware that was slightly weighted and had larger grips for his hands. (pictured silverware from OXO) And they were perfect!

Everything became easier including his ability to keep soup on the spoon. A quick internet search and about $25 later and we had the silverware on the way. He’s been using it for months now (dishwasher safe by the way) for nearly every meal. “It’s literally life-changing stuff,” he said. And my mom took notice too. She has emerging arthritis in her hands and asked if we would order her some of the silverware too.

I was so excited about the success we had with the assistive technology I talked about it on a local television show. Here’s a link to the short clip!

Adapted silverware is available through our Senior Safety Program.  Please contact us if you would like to know more about this program at 1-800-895-4728 or seniorsafety@ndassistive.org.

My dad using an adaptive knife and fork to cut meat on his plate at dinner.

See how easy it is for him to grip.

image shows an adaptive knife and fork on a plate with meat, potatoes and carrots. The silverware has enlarged and weighted handles which are black in color.

OXO brand adaptive silverware.

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