Do you know North Dakota has a lemon law specific to assistive technology (AT) devices? We do, and like automotive lemon laws, this AT device warranties law protects consumers against defective AT devices. For example, a person who purchases a motorized scooter, communication device, or a stair-lift that does not work properly after repeated repairs can seek recourse from the manufacturer for a replacement.

North Dakota lawmakers enacted the AT lemon law in 1998, and it is described fully in the North Dakota Century Code, Chapter 51-24. If you are interested in understanding the protections offered, read through the law. It describes which AT devices are/are not covered, what is meant by an express written warranty, how to present a warranty claim, and what remedies are required of manufacturers and sellers for devices that are ‘lemons’ either purchased or leased.

For a quick overview of the North Dakota Lemon Law, this brochure with the same title, created by IPAT may serve as a great beginning point. If you have an AT device that you think is a lemon, contact the Protection and Advocacy Program of North Dakota (800) 472-2670 or for help.

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