Caregivers are essential to the overall well being of individuals with dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and related issues. Often, a Caregiver’s list of tasks include the prevention of an individual wandering and the tracking of an individual if they do wander. This is sometimes a daunting task as Caregivers must always stay one step ahead of the individual who tends to wander. With that said, there are many Assistive Technology (AT) devices to help aid Caregivers in the prevention of wandering and tracking of individuals.


AT to limit access and prevent wandering:

  • Bookcase door mural
    This door mural turns any door into a bookcase in the eyes of an individual who might wander, deterring them from entering or exiting.
  • Confounding door lock
    With this device, Caregivers can easily open cupboards, doors, and the like – while the individuals they serve are not able to.
  • Motion detector with remote alarm
    This simple device will sound an alarm if a wandering individual exits an area they are supposed to remain in.
  • Keypad door alarm
    An alarm will sound if an individual exits or enters through a door without punching in the correct code.
  • No start car battery switch
    With the twist of a knob, this device prevents individuals from starting their car.


AT for tracking individuals who have wandered:

  • Medical ID seat-belt strap
    This device is intended for an individual who has gotten into a car, driven away from where they are supposed to remain, and become confused or disoriented. When found, their information is easily available.
  • GPS tracking devices
    There are many GPS tracking devices available to help Caregivers locate individuals who have wandered. GPS tracking usually comes with a monthly fee.
  • Find My Friends app
    With smartphones and tablets becoming more and more common, there are apps being developed specifically to keep track of loved ones. The Find My Friends app is one of many.


Keep in mind, this is not an all-encompassing listing of AT products for wandering and tracking, but it helps give a general idea of what’s currently available. Moreover, if you need assistance finding the perfect device for wandering and tracking, contact IPAT. An AT Consultant will help you evaluate your needs and goals to determine how AT and other services can help you.


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