Group of students in IPAT Bismarck CenterIn an attempt to decrease the number of times IPAT staff hears, “How come I’ve never heard about you?” we will post a monthly blog noting where, when and who the IPAT staff will be connecting with each month. We hope this serves as a reminder for you to reconnect with us, or serves as a springboard to have you make an initial connection.

As a refresher, IPAT delivers services so all state residents can learn about, try and obtain the assistive technology (AT) they may need to close the gap between ability and disability. More than ever, we see that AT is helping people by increasing their involvement in all areas of daily life, whether that be in the community, the classroom, at work, or while remaining at home.

We help people of all ages in the state with hearing, vision, mobility, communication, learning, and memory losses. Our mission is to introduce them to the world of AT, and help them explore devices they may use to continue leading their life with purpose and independence. If you think a group you are involved with could benefit from learning about AT contact IPAT.

To follow are the June AT Happenings where you will find IPAT staff promoting assistive technology:

June 2, 3    Dakota Conference on Rural and Public Health     Minot, ND

June 4        Statewide Aging Coalition     Bismarck, ND

June 8       Dakota Recovery Center     Bismarck, ND

June 9       New Bethel Congregational Church     Hazen, ND

June 13     Autism Walk     Bismarck, ND

June 16     DPI Guidelines for AT Task Force     Bismarck, ND

June 16     Edgewood Vista     Mandan, ND

June 19     Teachers in Voc Rehab’s Intern Program     IPAT’s Bismarck Center

June 24     Senator Erin Oban     IPAT’s Bismarck Center

June 25     Consumer Science Teachers     IPAT’s Fargo Center

June 26     Partners in Policymaking      Bismarck, ND

We hope to see some of you as we go around the state, and to hear from others who are interested in having us attend an event or meeting to learn more about IPAT. We are happy to meet your groups unique needs for increasing AT understanding and use through onsite visits – either your site or ours. Contact us to talk about IPAT, and then look to our blog for your listing as one of our next happenings!

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