Have you been looking for assistive technology (AT) but cannot afford the new item price? Do you have AT that is no longer needed and would like it to get into the hands of someone who can make use of it?  AT4ALL may be the resource you need!

Check out some of the items currently listed on AT4ALL:

Tango – Free, Fargo, ND

Lift Chair Recliner – Asking $250.00, Williston, ND

AT4ALL logo

iPod Nano – Free, Fargo, ND

Guardian Alert 911 – Free, Fargo, ND

2007 Golden Scooter – $900.00, Williston, ND

Lightwriter SL25 – Free, Fargo, ND

Read & Write Gold, Version 9 – Free, Fargo, ND

Standing Power Wheelchair – $14,995.00, Grand Forks, ND


AT4ALL has helped many individuals! Here’s one story!

A 99 year old woman was denied financial assistance to purchase her hearing aids because of her age. Her family could not afford the out of pocket costs of new hearing aids. A member of her family approached an IPAT AT Consultant looking for alternative solutions to hearing aids. He received a demonstration and learned about several kinds of personal amplification systems. A Duett personal listener was rented through IPAT’s equipment loan library to determine if it would be a solution to the 99 year old’s hearing loss.

The Duett personal listener was the solution! Luckily, there was a Duett available through AT4ALL.  The family member acquired it for the 99 year old woman. She is now able to hear and participate in conversations with her loved ones.


To see a complete listing of items available on AT4ALL click here.  Call IPAT at 1.800.895.4728 if you have questions about items listed or if you need help creating an account and navigating the website.




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