Smiling Man with the caption: Technology...Making Independence PossibleWhat if you suddenly lost the ability to do something due to an accident or illness, something that you loved? What if you were not able to use your phone or computer, drive a car, work at a great job, go to college so you could have a great job, continue to stay in a house that has been in your family for generations, play video games, feed yourself, and more?  How much would it be worth to you to be independent in those tasks? Could you put a price on it?

At ND Assistive, we help people solve problems like that every day. People like Greg, Kemo, Sylvia, Esther, Hannah, and Geraldine know all about the value of independence.

  • When Greg, a man with advanced Multiple Sclerosis, was able to control a computer for the first time independently and write an article, he was able to put a price on independence.
  • When Kemo, a Veteran with hearing loss, was able to hear her cat “meow” again, she was able to put a price on independence.
  • When Sylvia, a woman with advanced Rheumatoid Arthritis, was able to take bath for the first time in 45 years, she was able to put a price on independence.
  • When Esther, a woman with a physical disability, was able to get up from a chair when she wanted to, she was able to put a price on independence.
  • When Hannah, a brain injury survivor, was able to graduate from college and get a job, she was able to put a price on independence.
  • When Geraldine, a woman with ALS, was able to control her iPhone with only two switches to make calls and play Candy Crush, she was able to put a price on independence.

So what is the value of independence for each of these individuals? The consensus for them and many other people we have worked with is that “Independence is Priceless” and should be pursued whenever possible!

What price would you put on Independence for yourself or someone you love?

Did you know that you can help bring Independence to people with Assistive Technology? How? Push the button and donate on Giving Hearts Day, February 13, 2020!  It’s that simple because 100% of what we raise on Giving Hearts Day goes to grants of assistive technology equipment for people with disabilities of all ages in ND and Moorhead, MN.  When you are on the GHD site, search for “Assistive (formerly known as IPAT)”. You can do that now to schedule your donation or do it on the day of the event.

Help us make the price of Independence a little easier to afford!  For more information, please contact us at 1-800-895-4728 or

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