Join IPAT Senior Assistive Technology Consultants Peggy Shireley and Scott Weissman in celebrating Disability Employment Awareness Month through exploring several different types of Assistive Technology (AT) for the workplace on the Bismarck Noon Show with Marci Narum! These pieces are great idea generators. Use them as a starting place to help ask yourself, “How can I modify my work environment to work for me?”



Below are links to the AT mentioned in the video, followed by a few more ideas!


Dragon Naturally Speaking
Cost: $149.99
Where to purchase:

SenseVeiw Digital Magnifier
Cost: $595.00
Where to purchase: 

Scorpius Keyboard 35
Cost: $149.95
Where to purchase:

Cost: $265.00
Where to purchase:

Matias Half Keyboard
Cost: $595.00
Where to purchase:

Kinesis Stand Alone Numeric Keyboard
Cost: $39.95
Where to purchase:

Serene Business Phone Amplifier
Description: The business phone amplifier amplifies any handset headset sound up to 45 dB. It reduces distortion echo and static, and features automatic volume control.
How it works: Hook the business phone amplifier up to your phone, in the same way you would hook up an external phone accessory, like a headset. Adjust the volume to your liking, and enjoy!
Cost: $79.95
Where to purchase:

ErgoRest Articulating Arm Support 
Description: Supports the arm and keeps it steady in a neutral position for individuals who need extra support during office activities.
How it works: The arms supports clamps on a desk, giving forearm support with 360-degree swivel and height adjust-ability.
Cost: $72.50
Where to purchase:

Description: The Chattervox is a rechargeable voice amplifier for individuals with a low volume voice/speech difficulties. It can boost an individual’s voice by as much as 18 dBs.
How it works: The user wears the amplifier sport pack and headset microphone. Speaking into the microphone, the sound is amplified and sent through the amplifier sport pack.
Cost: $260.00
Where to purchase:

Comfort Duett
Description: A rechargeable hearing amplifier/personal listening device that helps individuals capture important sounds, like people’s voices, and sends loud, crisp audio to either headphones or a hearing aid.
How it works: The Duett captures sound through a microphone located on the front of the device. It amplifies that sound and sends it to the user through earphones or the telecoil in their hearing aids. The user can adjust the amplification of sound using the user friendly volume buttons on the device.
Cost: $169.95
Where to purchase:

Description: Helps prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, reduces fatigue while writing, and renders the writing more rapid and even. Great for anyone suffering from arthritis or stiffness of fingers.
Cost: $7.89
Where to purchase:



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