Communication is essential to our lives and allows us to express feelings, needs, and wants.  It helps us create strong social connections with others.  The Clarity Fortissimo may be the piece of assistive technology (AT) that opens the lines of communication for individuals with mobility challenges. It is an extra loud speakerphone that features 90 dbSPL (decibel sound pressure level) of loud and clear amplification, has large buttons that illuminate, and a large touch screen display that lets you easily see who is calling. The Fortissimo also features Bluetooth connectivity.  This phone is equipped with ClarityLogic; with the single push of a button you are connected to customer support that can help answer questions and remotely access and program your phone.  There are also several features which you can choose to enable or disable. They include:

  • Voice Answer – say “Hello” and you will answer the call.
  • Auto Answer – you can set phonebook entries to be automatically answered whenever the phone receives a call from that particular number.
  • Auto Hang Up – if silence or a dial tone occurs during a call the phone will automatically hang up.
  • Voice Tag – gives you the ability to record a name to your phonebook entries.
  • Talking Keypad – the numbers are pronounced when you are dialing the phone number.
  • Talking Caller ID – If you have recorded a voice tag to your phonebook entry then you will hear that name spoken when they are calling, but if you don’t have a recorded voice tag the phone number will be spoken.

In addition to the optional features, the Fortissimo can be used with a sip and puff switch, a pillow switch, or the optional one button pendant.  The pendant is rechargeable and equipped with a microphone allowing you to talk directly into it.  The pendant also features a Sick Bell Mode. Using the microphone in the pendant you can broadcast a message through the base speaker to notify others in the household if you need help. To see the Fortissimo and pendant in action watch the video below or stop in to IPAT and inquire about the ND Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Program!