Dollarbird is a smart personal finance calendar with a lot to offer. It’s a money managment App for tracking and forecasting your money.  This App could be very useful for those just starting to manage their own finances.  It could help individuals with disabilities who are trying to become more independent with their finances.  It is very user friendly and doesn’t require setting up an extensive account.   You can sync data across all your devices and share them with your family members. This ability to share  information with family will help those individuals who need a little help with money managment, expecially when it is a new responsibility in their life.


This App requires iOS 7.0 or later.  It is compatible with  iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.  All data in the App is manually created by the user.  Users don’t need to provide any bank account informationand can protect their data by setting a PIN to lock the App.  You can add past and future income and expenses and your balance will be calculated for each day.  You will see how your balance evolves over time and how much it changes each month.  See what you spend money on.  Track different accounts (cash, credit card, checking account).   You can set budgets for your expenses categories.  There is a large set of category icons to use to personalize the tracking of your transactions. You can input a dollar amount for your starting balance and use any of those icons to categorize debits or assets to your balance. Your balance will immediately show any activity.  This free tool might be a “smart” idea for many people, to help manage their finances.



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