Picture of 2016 IPAT bike raceThanks to our generous donors, seven North Dakota residents have already received assistive technology (AT) awards through Pedaling for Possibilities (P4P)!

The first round of P4P 2016 applications was reviewed in March, and recipients from Rolette to Sargent and Morton to Grand Forks counties were awarded AT funding. They ranged in age from 30 years to 97 years, and their AT needs were representative of the disability spectrum. Together, we were able to make their possibilities a reality by purchasing AT to:

  • Alert a young mother with hearing loss when her baby is crying or someone is at her door by converting auditory information to vibration and/or visual signals;
  • Modify a vehicle to make travel possible for a person with a mobility impairment;
  • Make the transfer from a wheelchair to bed possible for a family caregiver;
  • Amplify the voice of a cancer survivor;
  • Assist a person in chronic pain come to standing using a lift chair;
  • Provide a specialized light to help stabilize mood; and,
  • Carry out an AT assessment, and purchase a mobile device and mount for a person recently diagnosed with a progressive disease.

People helping people is what P4P is all about, and donors’ dollars made these differences possible. Applications will be reviewed again after July 1st and you can donate anytime, just click here.

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