Giving Hearts Day is the biggest charity giving day of the year in North Dakota. Because donations of $10 or more are matched, it is a great day for donors to multiply the results of their giving. For 24 hours on Giving Hearts Day, gifts will be matched dollar for dollar, up to at least $4,000, and far beyond. Because of this, IPAT will be participating in Giving Hearts Day on Thursday, February 11th, 2016, to raise dollars that will go directly towards our Pedaling for Possibilities fund.

Pedaling for Possibilities funds are payer of last resort that provide dollars so that North Dakotans, and individuals who reside in the Red River Valley, with disabilities can acquire funds to purchase assistive technology to be more independent and successful!

Without Pedaling for Possibilities funds, Jason would never be able to purchase the assistive technology needed to reach his full potential.

Jason's laptop and monitor

Jason was a salesman who experienced three strokes which caused almost full paralysis from the neck down. Before working with IPAT, he spent a large portion of his day at home in a hospital bed watching television. After working with IPAT to determine assistive technology for computer access, Jason can now get on the web to stay connected and has future hopes to work as an advocate for other people with disabilities!

Jason using a mini rollerball mouse to control his computer.


Donate Online On Giving Hearts Day

On February 11th, 2016, go to the Giving Hearts Day Impact Giveback website and search for IPAT. There you can make your donation!

Here is a link to the Giving Hearts Day Impact Giveback website:

Donate by Check or Cash

Although Giving Hearts Day is a 24 hour online fundraiser, they understand that some donors may prefer to give by check or cash. If that is the case, here is what you will need to know in order to make the most out of your Giving Hearts Day contribution:

  • Only checks $1,000 or greater, dated February 11th, 2016, (and in the IPAT Fargo office by noon on February 11th, 2016) will be counted in official Giving Hearts Day totals.
  • Any other check or cash contribution will need to be sent to the Fargo IPAT office by February 3rd, 2016, to be counted in official Giving Hearts Day totals.

Questions on how you can donate on Giving Hearts Day? Feel free to contact IPAT!

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