The North Dakota Department of Public Instruction has updated and made available online, Guidelines for the Provision of Assistive Technology to Students with Disabilities under IDEA Part BThis comprehensive guide will serve both educators and parents well as they strive to promote learning through assistive technology (AT) devices and services using the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) process. Kudos to the task force members who took this on, one being IPAT’s own Jeannie Krull!

This Guide will clarify for all readers the definition of AT devices and services under IDEA, and spell out the responsibility of public agencies to ensure access to them. It provides a framework for AT consideration, identifies the difference between AT consideration and an AT assessment, and includes an AT assessment process to give structure to the AT decision making for all parties. Sample IEP goals are noted specific to AT, along with a tool to evaluate educational progress as a result of AT implementation.

A section many will find helpful is the Frequently Asked Questions on AT, which begins on page 36. Answers are provided in a highly readable format, and address questions ranging from financial responsibility for AT purchase to taking AT devices from school to home. Take some time to familiarize yourself with this new and thorough resource, and remember IPAT is here to answer AT related questions and provide AT services.


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