Americans love their cars and the freedom they represent. We think nothing of hopping in the car to visit friends and family, keep appointments and run errands. Sadly, as we age or experience disability our freedom to drive and/or ride safely is often compromised as capacities change. One way to compensate for changing abilities is to look to vehicle accommodations to meet individual driving or riding needs.

IPAT has created a booklet to help you get started thinking about vehicle modifications.  The booklet provides general information to help you make decisions about the user, vehicle, modification dealer, and funding. There are many assistive technology solutions in the marketplace to make vehicles more usable, including gas cap openers, adaptive driving aids, wide angle mirrors and wheelchair carriers – just to name a few.

We know that selecting and installing the right vehicle modifications can sustain self-reliance and productivity. Don’t let changing abilities keep you from enjoying the freedom of the road, contact IPAT with your vehicle modification questions today, or share your favorite modification with us.


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