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IPAT received a call from a mother after the loss of her son. She called to find out how to connect with someone in the state that was in need of the assistive technology (AT) devices her son had found so useful – a hands-free, switch operated phone, a head-pointing device to operate a computer, and an infra-red switch operated system to control TV, DVD and CD player.

She was pleased to learn about IPAT’s equipment exchange program, AT4ALL.  This program provides a comprehensive online resource to list and locate used AT equipment. Only North Dakota residents may list equipment on the site, but anyone may search the site and enter into an agreement with the party listing the equipment for purchase, donation or exchange. As well, anyone may use the ‘wanted’ section to either list or search for an AT device they are looking to find, donate, or sell.

Becoming aware of the AT4ALL program provided this mother with the connection she was after. She now had a way to let others know of the availability of the AT her family had found so helpful but no longer needed. When she expressed doubts about her ability to list the items online, I assured her that IPAT could help her do that. All anyone needs to do is call 800.895.4728 and we will make your listing happen. If you have equipment that is no longer in use, or are in need of equipment, make AT4ALL your go-to resource.