Three settings of IPAT staff doing awareness activities

IPAT has something for everybody and we would like to tell your ‘everybody’ about it. Do you belong to a service club, disability group, church circle or professional organization? Do you frequently look for presenters to provide information of interest? If you answered yes to any of these questions, IPAT would love to be your go-to assistive technology (AT) information provider.

IPAT is passionate about the ability of a AT to improve the lives of people living with disability or the effects of aging. Sadly, not everyone has been exposed to the power of AT and we want to change that. We would like to spend some time with your organization talking about our services and demonstrating some AT devices that would be meaningful to you. We will keep our talk as formal or informal as you would like, and it will be at no cost to you.

In the past months we have talked to vision support groups, area council on aging conference participants, students attending university classes, agency sponsored conference attendees and those at senior center events.  We headed to Bowman, Steele, Harvey, Devils Lake, Surrey, Grafton and Walhalla, as well as around our hometowns of Fargo and Bismarck. The comment we hear most often after meeting with various groups across the state is, “You do so many things that can help people, and I never knew a thing about you.” Let us increase your AT-IQ, contact us to set up a time to learn together, 1-800-895-4728.

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