I’ve Looked, and feel like I’ve also Cooked and Eaten, just by visiting this new cooking magazine!

LCE is a digital how-to cooking magazine designed for those with intellectual and learning disabilities, to help promote an independent lifestyle. Sue Hoss is the co-creator. The magazine was launched this past spring.  I visited this “cooking school,” recently and really enjoyed my experience.

There was snappy background music, inviting visuals of all of the dishes, and appropriately paced narrator’s directions. It is evident that LCE strives to teach cooking fundamentals, without relying on processed foods. The menus were healthy and looked tasty.  The step by step directions were understandable, and designed for success by every chef. This is a great opportunity to become a more confident, self-sufficient cook, and have an arsenal of 54 balanced meals at your fingertips, for $30.00/year!

In the future, I’d love to see LCE make the magazine interactive! Chefs could make note of any personal recipe adaptations. It’s always enjoyable to cook something that you’ve personalized, even with just a dash more of something!

LCE Digital Magazine provides an alternative mode for people with intellectual and learning disabilities, to enhance their performance in cooking.  It overcomes barriers to becoming independent!  Bon Appetit!










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