Over 3.3 million Americans over the age of 40 have low vision. IPAT staff hears from them, their family members, and service providers frequently as they search for ways to do every-day tasks differently. When something as simple as checking the time on a watch, or seeing the difference between a one-dollar bill and a ten-dollar bill becomes difficult, low vision devices can be the answer. A good place to start is to try-out  adaptive aids, lighting, and magnification options at our Technology Access Centers.

Adaptive aids may take in:

Suggested changes in lighting may be:

  • Use the brightest  bulbs recommended for light fixtures
  • Purchase lamps with 3-way sockets
  • Purchase “full spectrum” light bulbs
  • Replace fluorescent lighting with halogen or full spectrum bulbs
  • Use natural sunlight when possible

Magnification options include:

Don’t let low vision keep you from doing what you love to do! Stuck for a solution? Call 800-895-4728 for help today.

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