Emergency medical alert systems give individuals independence and a sense of security by providing a gateway to help if the need ever arises. Many people with disabilities and those experiencing the effects of aging use emergency medical alerting systems everyday so they can live the life they want to while taking responsibility for their own personal safety.

Two important things to consider before purchasing an emergency medical alert system are:

  • Does the system require a monthly fee?
  • Does the system work outside the home?

Through this blog I will share two systems that do not require a monthly fee and work anywhere.


  • With a press of a button users speak directly to the emergency operator through the necklace.
  • Operates in the same way as a 911 phone – does not have GPS, so user must speak to dispatch just like calling 911 on the telephone.
  • The emergency necklace is water-proofed to work in the shower where accidents frequently happen.
  • There are no fees, no contracts, and no activation costs associated with this medical alert.



Senior Citizen Emergency 911 Only Cell Phone – One Button Mobile Cellular Phone

  • This phone was designed to provide users with quick, convenient, and reliable access to 911 services whenever and wherever the user needs them the most.
  • Absolutely NO service fees are associated with owning this phone. NO monthly contacts. 
  • The phone has GSM cellular phone wireless technology. This cellular phone technology allows use nationwide.

One Button Emergency Call Phone

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