Motion Activated Light Control

I received a call from an anxious daughter. She had two fears: 1) her mother would burn the house down; 2) her mother would fall off the ladder in the garage and seriously injure herself. After listening to the details surrounding her fears, I realized they were related, and best of all, I had an assistive technology solution that could eliminate both!

A bit of the back story. Her mother could not reach the existing pull-cord of the overhead light bulb in her garage. So, to solve this problem, she left it on 24-7. This solution resulted in the two real fears described by her daughter – FIRE due to leaving the light on 24-7 in an old home, and FALLING when climbing the ladder to change the frequently burned out bulb. So, how can one stop her from leaving the light on and climbing the ladder, but still provide light when she needs it . . . . add a Motion Activated Light Control!

This little gem of assistive technology saved the day, and with no electrician needed! To install, just screw it into the existing light socket and then screw the light bulb into it. Once installed, it will automatically turn the light on when motion is detected, and automatically shut it off 10 minutes after motion stops. It can detect motion up to 30 feet away when mounted 8 feet from the floor, and is designed for indoor use. It was a perfect answer for a distraught daughter and mother at risk for under $20. If you need AT answers don’t forget to ask IPAT!


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