Meet Alex — An 82 year old war-veteran living in small-town North Dakota. During his time in the service, Alex experienced complete hearing loss in one ear and now wears a hearing aid in theGeemarc and Voice Dialer
other. Moreover, he has total blindness in his right eye, and he is legally blind in the left. With these conditions, Alex was experiencing significant communication barriers with his phone. His vision did not allow him to effectively handle or dial, and the low amplification of his phone made a simple conversation near impossible. In order to find a solution, Alex turned to IPAT!

Alex applied for the Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Service (TEDS). Through the TEDS program, Alex received two vital pieces of equipment: Geemarc AmpliPower60 Amplified Phone and AblePhone AP6000 Voice Activated Telephone Dialer. The Geemarc phone provides significant amplification (up to 67 dB) along with a great speakerphone. The voice-activated dialer by AblePhone allows the user to pick up the handset and say the name of the person to dial without having to press a button. In Alex’s case, approximately 20 individuals were programmed into the voice-activated dialer. After some practice, Alex became proficient in picking up the handset and saying the name of the person he wanted to call!

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