Automated medication dispenser

“Is there something out there that would help my (mother, grandpa, son, friend) remember to take their medication? ”  This is a question that IPAT staff fields frequently, and thankfully our response is a resounding YES.  One of our go-to devices is the MedReady. We like it for a variety of reasons; it is easy to operate – if you can set your digital alarm clock you can set the MedReady; it runs on AC, but also has battery back-up; it locks so medication is only available to the end-user at the time scheduled; and the alarms can be set to go off one to four times daily. If needed, and for an additional fee, the device can be monitored and email alerts sent when medication is missed.

One very grateful daughter called me after her mother began using a MedReady to say, “The difference in my mother is like night and day. She used to be either over or under medicated, not herself at all – and it seemed like I was taking her to the clinic constantly. All that has now changed, I have my mom back, and the time we have together isn’t all spent in the doctor’s office! Thank you for putting me on to the MedReady.”

The use of  an automated medication dispenser can be a simple AT solution to a common problem – medication noncompliance. Remember, if you live in North Dakota and are over the age of 60, the Assistive Safety Device Distribution Service may be able to provide a medication dispenser at no cost – check it out. Any questions, just ask.

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