Toddlers using ATIntroducing young children with disabilities to assistive technology can be the gift that keeps on giving.  Whether it be a home-made modification to an existing toy, or integrating an iPad into existing routines, the end result is an increased opportunity for children to independently explore and interact with their world. We know that play is the work of children, and AT can be the tool that allows them to do their important work.

IPAT has developed a booklet to help those raising, or supporting the development of young children with disabilities become aware of AT options. AT can help children learn and interact with their environment in ways that might not otherwise be possible. For example, AT can help a child to participate more actively in family, school and community activities, play successfully with toys and other children, communicate his or her ideas and needs, make choices, and move independently. Consider and use AT as early as possible to help children with disabilities engage in the same activities as their peers.

Check out Assistive Technology and the Young Child, and let us know of successful AT solutions you have introduced into the lives of children – through sharing, we can expand opportunities and build competence – one child at a time.