Pedaling for Possibilities (P4P) is IPAT’s annual indoor stationary bike event and fundraiser. Dollars raised during the event help people with disabilities in North Dakota and Moorhead, MN purchase assistive technology (AT) so they can return or remain at work, remain at home and independent, or succeed at school.

Registration to participate as a bike rider or bike team is now closed. However, we are still in need of volunteers. To learn more about volunteering for P4P click

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One way you can get involved with P4P is by donating!

How do my donations make a difference? 

Your donations make a huge difference! Dollars raised for P4P cover AT expenses insurance or other funding sources do not. People who apply for P4P funding have sometimes spent years trying to save money so they can purchase the AT they need to do what they want to do – but life gets in the way, and an unexpected medical bill or other expense drains savings quickly and individuals
find themselves back at square one. P4P is a payer of last resort – and IPAT takes that very seriously, making sure P4P recipients use the money you donate in the best way possible. IPAT guarantees this by assuring P4P recipients have explored and considered all AT options, found a reputable vendor with the best value for the AT they want to purchase, and have the training and support necessary to use the AT.

P4P helps people with disabilities do what they want to do – what does that mean exactly?

IPAT works with people with all types disabilities ranging from early childhood to older adults. With the wide variety of individuals we serve comes a broad range of different types of AT needs. Below are a few stories of real people from several different counties in North Dakota and Clay county in MN who have benefited from P4P donations.

86 year old woman with congestive heart failure and macular degeneration received a
stair lift so she is now able to go down to her basement to do her laundry

63 year old woman with MS was able to get training on Dragon Naturally Speaking
(voice activated software) so she is now able to operate her computer

77 year old woman with severe back issues received a vehicle lift ramp which will
allow her to load her scooter herself to get to appointments, etc.

57 year old woman with multiple disabilities received a Freedom Alert and Wall
Communicator (life alert system that works in conjunction with her existing landline telephone)
to ensure safety in her home and allow her to remain living independently

10 year old boy with Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy had outgrown his stander
so Pedaling for Possibilities paid the insurance co-pay to allow him a new stander
enabling him to continue to be independent at home

46 year old woman with MS received a Voice IR remote control allowing her to independently
control her TV, fan, lights etc., thereby removing the need to call on nursing home staff

Grand Forks
48 year old woman who is deaf received 2 Samsung Galaxy’s, cases, keyboard, and
apps to enable her to communicate with others in the community, participate in groups,
and be less isolated. Receiving 2 Samsung Galaxy’s will allow for a hearing person
to talk into 1 device, sending a message to the other device which is connected to a
Bluetooth, then the P4P recipient would type a message back to the other device

58 year old woman who is legally blind received a SARA-CE and pen friend so she
can read her recipes, pay bills, read mail, etc. and she can use the pen friend to help
her label food products, medicines, etc.

24 year old woman who is deaf and not able to speak received a laptop computer
so she can now order her own medications and communicate online with others with similar
health issues

50 year old woman with MS received hand controls for her vehicle, enabling her to remain
driving and thereby keeping her independence

46 year old woman who is deaf received an Alert Master Notification System to notify her
visually when doorbells sound, phones ring, or fire alarms blast – she can now keep her sons

Siblings ages 1, 3, and 5 with hearing impairments will now be able to communicate
and access information with the family FM system they received

56 year old woman who is legally blind received a portable magnifier and ID Mate Barcode
Reader to help her read, or have read to her media of all sorts – food labels, medicine bottles,
bills etc., all to help her maintain her independence

How can I donate?

Donating is easy! Click HERE for more information!


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