Below is a story provided by a consumer in Bottineau, ND that truly highlights the power of assistive technology and how it allows for individuals to gain back independence.


What started out as a routine family visit in October, turned out to be a Godsend for me. My two sisters-in-law and niece were coming for a visit, as we don’t see each other often enough. I had been having difficulties getting out of a chair due to bursitis in my hip and it wasn’t getting any better. As we spent more time together, my visitors could see the trouble I was having getting out of a chair, sometimes needing assistance. During the course of the conversation I was talking about a lift chair to aid me getting out of a chair, and I was told about a product called an Uplift Power Seat.  Lo and behold, the next week in the mail, I received information on the power seat, which helps lift a person out of a chair. I received one and can’t believe the difference it has made in my mobility. My family doesn’t have to worry about helping me up because of this wonderful device and the nice thing about it is that’s it’s totally portable – I can pick it up and take it anywhere! I can’t thank IPAT enough for providing me with such a life changing device!


Do you have a story to share? Sometimes that’s what someone else needs to find the courage to explore the use of assistive technology.





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