young child with switch, elementary school girl with AAC device young man reading refreshable braille, middle-aged woman using CCTV, older man exiting a car using a window strap device


Need assistive technology (AT) information? We can help you with that. IPAT has developed 10 practical guides that highlight the use of AT from early childhood through late retirement. Within these guides, we have taken the mystery out of selecting and obtaining AT, given you information from which you can pose the right questions to get the AT you need, and provided examples of AT solutions at each life stage to help you think differently about how to live fully.  We will be posting each guide separately, and making all 10 available as an eBook, upcoming titles are:

  1. Selecting Assistive Technology
  2. Assistive Technology and the Young Child
  3. Assistive Technology and Education
  4. Assistive Technology and Transition to Adult Life
  5. Assistive Technology for Employment
  6. Maintaining Lifestyles as We Age
  7. Home Design for Diverse Populations
  8. Staying or Returning Home with Assistive Technology
  9. Emergency Preparedness
  10. Vehicle Modifications
If there is a title you would like to see posted first let me know.


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