I would like to share a story with you that was told to me. This story highlights the power of assistive technology; and it may make you laugh out loud as you read and envision it.

“My name is Paul, and I live by myself in an apartment in North Dakota. I have neuropathy due to diabetes, which means I don’t have feeling in my legs. This limits my getting around, so I use a power chair. Due to my loss of mobility, I was able to get a specialized phone through our state’s telecommunications program. The phone that meets my needs is the Emergency Connect Telephone, it comes with a pendant you can wear to call for help.

Just two days after I got my phone, I decided to take a shower. While showering, I accidently let go of my grab bars, slipped on the soapy surface and fell out of the tub! I landed in such a way that I was wedged between my toilet and the tub. I could not get up. Thankfully, I had worn the emergency pendant that came with my phone. I pressed the button, and sure enough it automatically called my pastor, whose number I had programmed in.

He answered, and I told him what had happened. He came right over, but he could not budge me – I am 6’6″ and weigh 250 pounds; so we called the fire department. The fireman arrived and had to remove the toilet to free me, but the did manage to get me up. I shudder to think how long I would have lain on my bathroom floor without the specialized phone and call pendant.

I never take my pendant off. Oftentimes people ask me what it is for and I tell them my story. For more information about these specialized phones call IPAT 800-895-4728, I am sure glad I did.”

Thanks to Paul for sharing his story; and if you have an AT related story to share, I am ready to listen.