IPAT staff has the luxury of living and breathing assistive technology (AT) day-in and day-out. We are immersed in discovering new AT apps and devices, learning about device and app upgrades, and researching AT funding streams for people of all ages and disabilities who may benefit from AT. But how do others interested in or responsible for the provision of AT stay abreast of what they need to know?

Assistive Technology Industry Association logoOne way is to access the Assistive Technology Industry Association’s (ATiA) website. Once there, you will discover information about their annual AT conference, webinar series, industry newsletter, and have access to a number of national and state AT resources.

In an effort to meet the need for AT information by a wide and diverse audience, ATiA has archived both conference and webinar sessions. So, if  there is a particular topic or device you are interested in you can search for it, and then access it when it suits your schedule. This is a great way to engage in professional development without the costs of lodging and travel – and you do not have to be an ATiA member to take advantage of these opportunities.

IPAT encourages you to check out the ATiA website to broaden your AT understanding, and then contact us with any AT questions you may have.




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