Do you experience difficulty hearing on the telephone in your workplace? Finding amplification for business phones can be difficult due to the type of phone lines commonly used in the business setting.  Home telephone lines are analog, but businesses often have Digital or VoIP phone lines.  Not all amplified phones will work with a digital or VoIP phone line. Here are some assistive technology telephone options that address amplification and business phone lines.  These devices may allow your workday to flow more smoothly.


Serene Business Phone Amplifier

Serene Business Phone Amplifier

This amplifier can be used with almost all business telephones.  Once the amplifier is connected to the phone, you can continue to use the phone’s handset, or you can purchase the device with a headset.  A nice feature about this amplifier is that it can be used with any phone throughout the office; making it a portable option if you use more than just the phone at your desk.


ClearSounds Bluetooth Hub Phone Amplifier

ClearSounds Bluetooth Hub

This device can be used with any home or business phone.  Once this device is connected to the phone, it allows wireless conversations to occur through use of a Bluetooth headset, hearing aid streamer, or neckloop.


CapTel 840i

Business Phone and Captel 840i Setup

If you prefer to see captions while talking on the phone, then you may want to consider connecting a CapTel 840i to your current workplace phone.  Simply use a splitter to divide the phone line to go into both the business phone and the CapTel phone .


If you would like to know how these devices might work for you, contact IPAT.  We would be happy to discuss options for amplifying your business telephone!

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