Every kid deserves the feeling of wind on their smiling face while riding on a bicycle.  We all know about training wheels for the young novice rider; however, what if that child has significant limitations or a disability?

ND Assistive is proud to help people of all ages and abilities to get matched with the right adapted bike since we know recreation is important to one’s overall wellness.  Adaptive cycles are bikes modified to fit an individual rider’s needs.

Older smiling man in blue shirt is riding a double seated adapted bicycle with a smiling little boy harnessed in beside him.

Grandpa riding adapted bike with Grandson.

ND Assistive can offer connections with multiple vendors and businesses that measure the person with a disability to ensure their adapted bicycle offers the best fit.  Examples of companies that provide virtual assessments online are Freedom Concepts  and eSpecial Needs.

young boy wearing helmet is riding adapted tricycle with hand controls in back managed by adult female

Adapted bicycle with controls in back.

Adapted bikes can enhance the sense of freedom and mobility of those with Parkinson’s, traumatic brain injuries, Multiple Sclerosis, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and other people with physical and developmental disabilities.  These personal vehicles often strengthen coordination, balance, and other skills in an accessible way.

For some, the simple solution is a tricycle, so the two wheels in the back provide the necessary stability.  Many adapted bikes for young people have controls in the back for extra safety managed by a caregiver or parent.

For others with no leg mobility, there are bikes where the person’s arms do the pedaling action.  Or better yet, there are tricycles with synchronized hand and foot pedaling.

Man wearing suit jacket and helmut is giving a bike ride to younger girl wearing helmet in a sunny city on a tandem bicycle

Double the fun with a tandem bicycle.

Why not have more fun riding with a friend?  Tandem or double bicycles can be the mode of transportation to go to the park, run errands, or exercise.  North Dakota Assistive can potentially provide some funding for an adapted bicycle if the person qualifies for our Possibility Grant or if they apply for our Financial Loan Program.  With the right assistive products, anyone can benefit from the beautiful breeze created by a bicycle ride!


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