Smartphones are great. As I’ve mentioned in the past (Seniors and Mobile Technology), my phone pretty much goes with me everywhere, and for good reason. Smartphone innovations, from a hardware perspective, have been fairly static in the past few years with the bulk of improvements being faster processing and larger screens. As we wait for the next advances, one item that is  a hot topic is the idea of a smart watch. The possibilities for a device like this in the assistive technology field could have large implications. The Pebble E-Paper watch is one of the leading examples that is already making a difference.


The Pebble is an E-ink (think original kindle) watch that can be connected to either an iPhone or Android phone via Bluetooth. Once connected the watch provides alerts for a variety of information including emails, text messages, alarms, timers, and phone calls. The notifications can be either an audible sound, vibration, or both. The vibration option is particularly helpful for someone with a hearing loss. An individual with a brain injury or memory loss can have access to important information, like medication reminders, that could go unnoticed if the alert only comes from the screen on the phone. The bottom line is, no more missed messages or alarms as the watch is there to let you know.


Take a look at the video below for an introduction to the Pebble.