Lightning Adapter

Lighting Adapter

An IPAT success story in which all the “pieces” fell into place . . . .

Having worked hard on a farm in North Dakota for a number of years, Billy developed joint pain in his elbows. This caused barriers completing his daily activities on the farm, and Billy began seeing a physical therapist to alleviate the pain. The therapy was going great, and Billy began asking questions about devices and other technology that would assist him. The specific question that lead the physical therapist to refer Billy to IPAT . . . . My elbow joint pain and low vision makes it hard to hold and read my iPhone for long periods of time. What can I do?  Billy scheduled a demonstration with IPAT to explore the possible technology!

While visiting with an AT Consultant at IPAT, the conversation lead to a wonderful solution. Billy had TVs in his living room, bedroom, and kitchen – each with a VGA connector on the backside. During the demonstration, a Lighting to VGA adapter was connected from his iPhone to a TV. The Lighting to VGA adapter mirrors what is displayed on the iPhone to a VGA-equipped TV ( In a nutshell, Billy was able to view the small screen of his iPhone right on his TV! Now, in order to fix not having to constantly hold the iPhone, a simple mount similar to the one shown below was discussed with Billy. He now can use his iPhone pain-free!

iPhone Mount

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