Finally, FINALLY someone has developed a truly hands-free smartphone that I can use. I’ve been waiting for this technology for 15 years. ~ Rick Frame from the United States

This quote stuck as I was researching the Sesame Touch-Free Smartphone. It was a quote that resonated patience, possibly frustration, and ultimately victory! The Sesame Phone is a touch-free smartphone controlled by head movement. Along with being touch-free, it is a standard Android phone that works for any Android app. As the head movement is tracked, a cursor appears on the screen just like that of a computer. With even a small amount of head movement, a user has the ability to control the interface as though using a finger on the screen. Voice-control is utilized to turn on the phone simply by saying “Open Sesame”. Another interesting facet lies within the Settings. Here a user may adjust sensitivity, click (dwell) time, type of cursor movement, and pointer size. Clicking is also quite interesting. First, a user must hover over the area of interest and a dialog box will appear. It is here a user may choose to click, along with swiping or additional options. Watch the below video for a nice summary of the Sesame Phone!

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