Are you in a situation where you have perfectly good assistive technology (AT) that you don’t need – you can’t bear the thought of throwing it away, but also want to make sure it is given to someone who could really use it? Maybe a loved one passed away leaving behind their AT, or a child outgrew a piece of equipment; in any case, you might ask yourself a very commonly posed question, “What do I do with this AT?”  Don’t worry, you’re not the only one! North Dakota has multiple facilities and organizations that will help you put your gently used assistive technology into the right hands.

North Dakota AT4ALL (Assistive Technology 4 All)
ND AT4ALL is a simple and free online resource that acts like a hub for individuals in North Dakota who want to sell, trade, donated, or look for used assistive technology. Creating an account is easy. In fact, there is an online video tutorial that guides you through the process. Making an account gives you access to listing items, putting want ads out for items, and browsing inventory. Maybe you don’t want to create an account, but you still want to check out the site – that’s just fine! People can browse through the items on AT4ALL without logging in.

Currently IPAT has almost 200 pieces of used AT listed on AT4ALL that we’re giving away to those who qualify! Check it out!


HERO (Healthcare Equipment Recycling Organization)

HERO is a nonprofit organization that collects donations of medical equipment and healthcare supplies from local hospitals, agencies, and individuals. HERO donates those pieces of equipment and supplies to anyone for little to no cost. Click here to learn more about HERO.


NDAD (North Dakota Association for the Disabled)

NDAD is a nonprofit organization that accepts various types of assistive technology as donations. Each NDAD office accepts different kinds of used AT, depending on the type of equipment and its need. For more information, click here to contact the NDAD office closest to you.


Lions Club

The Lions Club accepts vision equipment, primarily limited to glasses. If you have vision equipment, call your local Lions Club to see if they’ll accept, or are looking for, that type of equipment. Click here to locate the Lions Club nearest you.


Local Senior Centers

If you have assistive technology that would best benefit a senior, call your local senior center and ask if they have any programs that are looking for, or know of anyone who might benefit from, used AT. More often than not, they’ll make sure your assistive technology goes to the right place.


Local Independent Living Centers

Much like the senior centers, independent living centers often have a network of people and resources who will guide you in the right direction.


Local Social Service Centers

Social Service Centers work with individuals who use assistive technology on a daily basis. They are a great resource for knowing who might be looking for used AT.


Local Churches

Churches are one of the best networks available for reusing AT. Contact your local parish office or nurse to see if they know of anyone who could benefit from your used equipment.



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