IBM annually puts together the “5 in 5”, Innovations that will change our lives in the next five years. This years 5 in 5 predictions may be of particular interest to the AT community in that it highlights the five senses. 



Processing sights and sounds requires eyes, ears and, most important, a brain—right? But what if your hardware shared your senses?

In the era of cognitive computing, systems learn instead of passively relying on programming. As a result, emerging technologies will continue to push the boundaries of human limitations to enhance and augment our senses with machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), advanced speech recognition and more. No need to call for Superman when we have real super senses at hand.


Take a look at the 5 in 5 for more details of what the future may bring.  You can also take a look at past years the 5 in 5 predictions. We definitely live in amazing times and by the looks of these predictions it will only get better.


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