You know that ND AT4ALL is a great database for individuals in North Dakota to:

  • List used equipment to sell, trade or donate
  • Search for available used assistive technology (AT)
  • Place want ads for items you are looking for

(For more information, check out either of our blog posts AT4ALL: Buy, Sell, or Rent Assistive Technology! or AT4ALL – Check It Out!)

Did you also know that ND AT4ALL houses a comprehensive listing of IPAT’s Equipment Loan Library?

With the complete Equipment Loan Library listing on AT4ALL you can:

  • Browse all of the AT in IPAT’s Equipment Loan Library
  • Learn about different pieces of AT, its function, and who it might help
  • Browse AT by category or classification
  • See what AT is available for loan, or currently out on loan
  • Make requests for equipment loans


Below are instructions on how to access the Equipment Loan Library through AT4ALL.

Here is a link to an accessible PDF.


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